New Aeolus template repo now on GitHub

We started a GitHub repo yesterday for upstream Aeolus templates:

It’s using a hierarchal structure to make things easy to find:

-- db_servers
|   |-- fedora-16
|        |-- MySQL
-- games
|   |-- fedora-16
|        |-- BrowserQuest
-- web
    |-- fedora-16
         |-- Apache Http Server

Those are just the initial ones I personally had lying around,
which definitely work “out of the box” on all our supported Cloud

Please fork the repo and Submit any ones you have, creating
categories / operating systems, etc as needed.

If your templates are not yet perfect, but work ok for at
least one provider, that’s good enough. :)

I should be able to test/adjust them for cross cloud support
without too much effort. :D

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